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A Meaningful Tagline Promotes You & Only You

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There is a time during your development as a photographer – when you’ve got the skills and are ready to start making noise about it. Before you really start making the noise, you should take the time figure out what your message is.

What is it about you that makes you more worthy of your customer’s trust and hard earned money over any other photog available to them? This message has got to be based entirely in truth, it’s got to be something you can integrate into your identity as a photog and it’s got to feel natural to you.

Spend some time on this – and watch out for clichĂ©s – a lot of the stuff that comes to mind is the obvious stuff that comes to mind simply because we’ve all seen it so much.

For example:

Life. Love. Laughter.

It feels good, it seems to say everything that a portrait photog marketing to families is about. I used it for awhile, until another photographer asked for ideas on words that would have finished something so similar that their idea was essentially a variant of mine. I realized my tagline conveyed nothing that made a difference. Nothing truly about me. It could be said of any photographer who works with families, or weddings, for that matter.

As Sara Petty, a CPP wrote in the December, 07 issue of Professional Photographer, it is “more important than ever to define your position and work on owning it in the minds of consumers… a tagline should tell what makes you different, tugs on the consumer’s heartstrings, be memorable.” She also gives 9 ideas for brainstorming your own tagline. Currently her full article is available online, follow the link to read, it’s worth the click.

So tell me this:

If you take a look at your own tagline, does it really say what you want to say about your photography? Can it be more specific? Can it be true of any other photographer serving your intended market?


Written by Eirene Dyeu

January 1, 2008 at 4:25 am

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